Become an active member of the Spafford Volunteer Fire Department.

Learn how to save a life using CPR, put out a fire, or extricate someone from a vehicle wreck.

 Requirements are that you are willing to give a little time to learn how to be an Active Volunteer Firefighter, attend meetings, practices and respond to calls.  There are benefits.  You become a member of the Fireman’s Association of New York which gives you a life insurance policy, and access to a network of firefighting information. A free Transfer Station permit. Free training no expense to you other than your time

Download the application, complete it and send it in.

Requirements to become an active member:
16 years of age or older
Be a resident of the Town of Spafford or adjoining town for six months or more

 Application online:

Membership Application

Spafford Fire Department Active Members

Chris Adams
Melody Amidon
Katelyn Belcher

Andy Clark
Nate Ellerson
Cameron Hall
Charles Lincoln
Todd Lincoln
John Marshall
Jarrod Miles
Dave Sedlack
Matt Shoemaker
Giulia Van Avery
Adam Wise
Rick Wise
Teri Wise
Tim Wise

Spafford Fire Department Officers 2024

Fire Officers
Chief – Adam Wise

Asst. Chief- vacant
Fire Capt. – Tim Wise
Fire Lt.- Jarrod Miles
Rescue Captain-Teri Wise
Rescue Lt. – Katelyn Belcher

Corporate Officers
President – Tim Wise
Treasurer – Melody Amidon
Secretary – Melody Amidon
Directors –
Rick Wise, Dave Sedlack, Jarrod Miles, Matt Shoemaker

Non-Active support Members
Vicky Wise
Stacy Hall
Montana Miles

Support Member

Spafford Fire Department has adopted three levels of Support Member

Support Active Member –  This member is an active member of the department and can respond as a First Responder.  There are various job duties that a Support Member can function in such Driver/Pump Operator, EMS, and other support functions.  Due to this being a active member position you need to be 16 years of age or older, and live in the Town of Spafford or in an adjoining town within the past six months.

Support Auxiliary Member – Help with department functions and support for the department.  This member can be 14 years of age or older (with parents permission)

Support Member Inactive –  This level allows for a person to help with fund raisers, has a particular expertise that would benefit the department or wants to become involved without having to respond on incidents.  This member also can be 14 years of age (parental permission) or older.

For more information call 607-749-4422 and leave a message or email

To down load an application click below. Complete the application and deliver it to a Spafford member.  You will then be instructed on the process.

SFD Support Member Application