Become an active member of the Spafford Volunteer Fire Department.

Learn how to fight fires, first aid, CPR, and become a valuable asset to the community.  Requirements are that you are willing to give a little time to learn how to be an Active Volunteer Firefighter, attend meetings, practices and respond to calls.  There are benefits.  You become a member of the Fireman’s Association of New York which gives you a life insurance policy, and access to a network of firefighting information. A free Transfer Station permit. Free training no expense to you other than your time.

Learn how to save a life or put out a fire. Download the application, complete it and send it in.

Requirements to become an active member:
16 years of age or older
Be a resident of the Town of Spafford or adjoining town for six months or more
No convictions for Arson or Sex Offense

 Application online:

Membership Application

Spafford Fire Department Active Members

Chris Adams
Melody Amidon
Brett Armstrong
Katelyn Belcher

Andy Clark
Nate Ellerson
Charles Lincoln
John Marshall
Jarrod Miles
Dave Sedlack
Matt Shoemaker
Giulia Van Avery
Adam Wise
Rick Wise
Teri Wise
Tim Wise

Spafford Fire Department Officers 2022

Fire Officers
Chief – Chris Adams

Asst. Chief- Andy Clark
Fire Capt. – Rick Wise
Fire Lt.- open
Rescue Captain-Teri Wise
Rescue Lt. – Katelyn Belcher

Corporate Officers
President – Tim Wise
Treasurer – John Marshall
Secretary – Teri Wise
Directors –
Rick Wise, Adam Wise, John Marshall, Dave Sedlack